Welcome to the third ethics bookclub! 🙂

This time we read more about how AI acts in society and what consequences there can be in terms of social injustice. The book is easy to digest and highly recommeded. And even if you don’t have the time we have some articles and short videos that introduce you to the topic (READING LIST – see below).

Why are we doing this?
AI concerns us all, mostly through AI algorithms. This is why it’s important to have a public discussion about ethics and the impacts of these tools. The topic is hard to grasp, especially if you’re not working in the field – in the bookclub we talk about them and raise some awareness of what is happening in our world.

Do I need to be a data sicentist?
No! Part of the idea is to convey knowledge and just have a nice conversation about the topics. The reading material is mostly for non-techies, some is for people that already know more. The main goal is to have a nice discussion about the topic, get to know people and to learn something new.

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10 mars
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19 h 00 min -21 h 00 min
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